Akhbar Birbal Short: Everyone thinks the same way

Akhbar Birbal Short Story
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This is one of Akbar Birbal short stories in English. It says thus, while the court procedures were taking place one fine day, Akbar saw that everyone had divergent opinions on the same issue and they were unable to come to a resolution.

He began to wonder if everyone could ever think in the same manner. The perplexed king enquired of Birbal, “Can you explain this to me?”

Birbal calmly retorted that, depending on the issue, sometimes people do have similar thoughts. When Akbar asks him to prove it Birbal comes up with a plan that needs all of the kingdom’s citizens to pour a bowl of milk into the large tub housed in the palace. (Akhbar Birbal: The New Minister Story)

Everyone decided that there was no use in wasting valuable milk on the king’s ridiculous request, so they all filled a bowl with water instead, reasoning that others would pour their bowl of milk and they wouldn’t be discovered. This ultimately supported Birbal’s argument.

The moral of this story is that at any time everyone could think or reason in the same direction depending on the problem or situation at that time. We must understand that human beings can be united to solve an issue if they are to proffer solutions individually

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