Are you qualified for the 2023 energy voucher, which will be paid in April?

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The energy check payment campaign will finally begin on April 21, 2023, after being postponed for a few weeks. Agnès Pannier-Runnacher, Minister of Energy Transition, confirmed the date on Monday, March 13 at the RMC microphone, after her cabinet announced “a delay in the distribution of the energy check” last week. This annual assistance, designed for low-income households struggling to pay their energy bills, was originally scheduled to be paid on March 31.

Since the invention of this technology in 2018, this date has been fixed. Yet, “an unusual workload” has caused the state agencies to “slightly postpone the date of sending the energy check” this year, according to the minister. Consequently, between April 21 and the end of May, the 5.8 million beneficiaries will receive their energy coupon. The amount of this financial assistance ranges between 48 and 277 euros, depending on the household’s income.

As a reminder, the energy voucher is assigned to the poorest households to help them pay their electricity, gas, oil, or wood bills. The assistance is delivered immediately by post or via a specialized web page. A breath of fresh air is especially anticipated this year, as energy prices have risen 15% as a result of the Ukraine conflict.

In 2023, who will be eligible for the energy voucher?

The energy check will be delivered to 5.8 million low-income households in their mailboxes or electronically. This assistance, ranging in value from 48 to 277 euros, intends to provide financial assistance to French citizens who are suffering to pay their energy costs. This cheque is valid for one year and can be used until March 31, 2024.

To qualify for this cash boost, you must have submitted your income to the tax authorities by 2022. The energy voucher is subject to a resource ceiling, which corresponds to the reference tax income per consumption unit (RFR/UC). You will be eligible for the energy rebate provided your income does not exceed.

Can we run an energy check simulation?

The Ministry of Ecology and Solidarity Transition has set up a simulator on its website so you can see if you qualify for the energy voucher. To use the simulation tool, you must first enter your tax ID.

When will the energy coupon be issued?

The date the energy voucher is sent depends on the department in which the beneficiary lives. Beneficiaries were supposed to receive the energy coupon between March 31 and April 29, 2023. Finally, due to “an unusual workload,” it will only be delivered from April 21, 2023, to the end of May, according to the Ministry of Energy Transition.

As a result, it will be available in paper form by postal service or disintegrated on the site dedicated to this assistance. This cheque is valid for one year and is usable until March 31, 2024.

How should you put your energy voucher to use?

The energy coupon is beneficial in a variety of situations. After receiving your cheque, you can send it via mail, online, or even hand it over to the company or individual to whom you wish to pay an energy bill. The amount of the assistance will thereafter be withdrawn from your invoices for electricity, gas, oil, wood, or liquefied petroleum.

When you receive an energy voucher, you can request that it be automatically allocated to your energy supplier; hence, the following cheques will be delivered straight to your supplier, who will deduct them from your monthly bills without you having to do anything unusual. Go to the webpage. It should be noted that the energy check also allows for the payment of expenses involved in the renting of APL housing.

Finally, you can use the energy voucher to fund energy-efficiency improvements to your property. These operations, however, must appear on the list of acceptable work and be performed by a registered RGE professional (recognized guarantor of the environment).

Who is eligible for the fuel energy voucher?

Since November 7, the government has begun providing targeted assistance to households that use oil to heat their homes. This fuel energy rebate affects 1.4 million French citizens. This financial assistance is worth 200 euros for households with a reference tax income per consumption unit of fewer than 10,800 euros and 100 euros for those with an income of fewer than 20,000 euros.

If you are eligible, you have until March 31, 2023, to apply for this fuel energy voucher on the website. It should be noted that the fuel energy check can be integrated with the traditional energy check.

Who is eligible for the wood energy voucher?

The rules and conditions for issuing the wood energy voucher are outlined in a decree published in the Official Journal on December 23. This financial assistance is meant for most low-income households that heat their homes with wood, logs, chips, or pellets.

The assistance is offered to taxpayers earning up to €2,260 per month as a single individual and up to €4,750 as a couple with two children. The amount of this assistance is determined by your reference tax income per consumption unit (RFR/CU) and the type of heating you use.

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