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Don’t run from your problems, face them!


We often run from the problems in our life because they are hard to handle, and we want to avoid dealing with them. That is something that we should not do because when you decide to run from your issues rather than facing them off, they won’t get finished and get resolved instead, they keep on increasing and can put you in trouble in future. 

If you are running away from your problems, stop yourself and face them head-on or else it follows you around like an unwanted guest that won’t leave.

Of course, it’s not easy to deal with some issues sometimes or maximum of time but running from them is never a solution and instead of anything it will only give you tension and snatch your mental peace. 

Robert Schuller said, “Problems are not stopped signs, they are guidelines.” Everything happens, happens for a reason, and teaches you something. 

It is important to remember that not all problems are same. If you are struggling with mental health, it is important to consult with a professional or at least people who have gone through what you are going through. They can help you find ways to help yourself and provide general support.

Sometimes people feel so anxious or depressed they don’t want to deal with their problems which is never a solution. Ignoring an issue will only make it worse in the end and may lead to addiction, more anxiety, worsened depression, etc.

It’s better to talk and discuss about your issues to get them resolved, it won’t be easy to deal but it’s never impossible to deal. Because we were going through a lot, a small issue will also look like a great mess to us and our one wrong step or action towards to that can make it worse. So, in such case it’s better to share things and get over that.

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Making a difference

Making a difference Motivational poem b-updated

One step is all it takes,
To make a difference,
To affect the world,
That’s what the pandemic says.

One step in the right direction
And influence is all it takes
To pull the trigger
And hit the nail

Following the crowd
Is ordinary
Standing out for what’s right
Is courageous

Having a vision,
And a purpose to start the storm
With a good heart
And not rage

When Great thinkers
Become great leaders,
A difference is made

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WORK FROM HOME A BLISS FOR COMPANIES..hmm, right now seeing the condition of the world, no one has a choice. But being an enterprise, every one of them works according to their inherent nature, i.e to earn profits. Great applications, cheap internet, and technologically driven business systems; have given companies yet another reason to improve their chunk of gains. Let’s thought some light on ‘work from home a bliss or boon for companies’.

This practice of remote working not only offers benefits to the business but also to employees alike:

  1. Employee benefits from flexibility.
  2. avoid long commutes- which impacts their job satisfaction.
  3. Aids in better focus as they avoid office distractions.
  4. Businesses improve their gains by reducing office management costs.
  5. Remote working allows a business to attract top talents from across the globe.

The above points clearly state that telecommunicating poses many advantages to both sides of the coin.

However, remote work program has a significant downside. They more often than not obstruct organization from creating and cementing their company cultures which is solidified in large part; by employees coming together and taking an active part in team-building activities and division or companywide meetings.

Should company culture/values be overlooked for the favor of convenience that remote working offers?

So the next question arises, should company culture/values be overlooked for the favor of convenience that remote working offers? working on company culture is not just for its own sake. It gives multiple advantages to the employees and the organization; i.e employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

The answer to the above question is simple; when employees vividly engage a company’s value, they are more likely to be participative. Actively engaging with the work is particularly important in today’s world- one study also affirms the same; companies with high engagement enjoy better customer loyalty, profitability, and productivity than their competitors.

Furthermore, it gets even more important when companies aim for long term success as a professional culture/values play a significant part in achieving the desired results.

Keeping in mind all the above benefits of traditional work culture/values, work from home policies do not help in maintaining that and affects it in the following way:
  1. Teams, colleagues secluded from each other:
    When employees work exclusively from home, they are only likely to interact with their colleagues via email and calls. Remote working does not benefit from building meaningful relationships with coworkers as physically being present in the office does.
  2. The feeling of isolation among remote distant employee:
    Humans being social creatures, cut off and living in isolation makes them detrimental and affects their mental health. Remote working also causes anxiety, WFH programs do not render services like connections, trust and mutual purpose which makes employees struggle with office politics, bad thoughts and unnecessary confusion diverting them from their common aim.
  3. Difficult to cultivate motivation and enthusiasm. :
    As already mentioned above, lack of contact and physical interaction among employees degenerates team building and distract teams from a common goal. This creates a ripple effect and affects their motivation, enthusiasm towards work and organization.
    Unless they are 100% enthusiastic about their product/ service, they lack productivity, which becomes another challenge as it gets difficult to motivate remote employees over digital platforms.


It is true, WFH programs have their pros and cons, but some companies around the world are managing using this tool effectively. To successfully deploy this management style, every management is required to study their needs, behavioral patterns of their employees, make consistent changes to suite their respective teams and avoid inherent problems of this quickly getting popular management style.

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Shocking COVID-19 Lifestyle!

b-updated covid-19 lifestyle changes

Consider your current COVID-19 lifestyle (changes) to be your past and here are some facts which will be shocking for you! After spending long time in mandatory lockdown, here are my thoughts on shocking covid-19 lifestyle changes.

May God bless all – Ever considered depending on the almighty so much? Well we all have prayed in the recent days if we continue this habit the peace of mind which comes in return is invaluable.

Stay Home and get paid– Once in a dream, we all have imagined being paid by working from home. Well, this is a reality now, an intelligent being can get expertise in it and ask their employer to let them continue to work like this forever.

Gratia chef – Every man had a hobby or fantasy to cook food and impress their livelihood. Well, yes now you would master the art and have an add on your extracurricular activities. YouTube is full of cooking video channels to explore.

Pollution less, breathe more – Purity is back, at least with air if not by the soul. Consider fresh morning breathe and its health benefits, well that’s how Yoga was invented and now mankind can bring nature back to basics.

Accounting for all – Expenses have always been a tedious task for lifestyle, now with limited necessities and exposure, every working class is at a better stage to manage them. Acknowledging the need for life and disseminating the wants will be a great learning for the future.

In conclusion 5 positive takeaways which we should not let go from now on –

  1. Attain positive vibes
  2. The family must be a priority
  3. Learn and grow now and then
  4. Contribute your bit towards nature
  5. Manage between needs and wants

“Your life is limited and so are the events that take place within it”. Vaibhav Belwariar

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Love Yourself

Love yourself motivational poetry b-updated

Obsessed with your looks
You are on cloud nine
Feeling confident as the eyes follow

Pampering yourself
Adapting a healthy lifestyle
Feeling good as a longer life follows

Letting things be
Going with the flow
Feeling free as relaxation follows

Setting some goals
Working day and night
Feeling positive as success follows

Crossing boundaries for others
Being with them through thick and thin
Feeling complete as love follows

Being all of yourself
Nothing’s good or bad
Feeling yourself as your shadow follows

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You can be you

motivational poem, b-updated, poetry, motivation

You’re alive
For what you behold inside.
A drug, that you’re holding onto.
Something that you’re feeding on

Nothing you can’t do,
Nothing you can’t give up on.
Feeling what you want to
Being what you are

Pretending is the new normal
Start being informal
For whatever you have
Will help you build more

Thoughts create emotions
Mistakes create experiences
Procrastinating won’t help
Push yourself for more

Feel it now
Tomorrow isn’t for sure.
What’s outside? The pandemic
Inside? The thoughts.

It’s all a blessing, you’ll only know when it’s the last
Like the wind touches the ocean
Your mind touches your soul

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