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What’s the difference between ChatGPT and GPT-4?


OpenAI only launched ChatGPT four months ago, yet it has already had a tremendous effect on humanity. AI has sparked concern about the prospects for global job markets, undermined education systems, and drawn millions of users, including major financial institutions and app companies.

It is time to say goodbye to ChatGPT and welcome to GPT-4, it promises to be far more efficient and revolutionary. What is new about GPT-4, and how big of an impact will it have? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about ChatGPT-4:

1. First and foremost, the name. The “Chat” section is self-explanatory – it’s a computer interface with which you can communicate. “GPT-4” is an acronym for “generative pre-trained transformer 4,” OpenAI’s fourth software iteration. It has examined vast volumes of data from the internet to generate human-like language and deliver detailed responses to users’ questions.

2. GPT-4, a new language model developed by OpenAI, can generate text that closely resembles human speech. This version improves on the previous ChatGPT, which was built on GPT-3.5 technology. GPT is an acronym for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, a deep learning technique that generates human-like language using artificial neural networks.

3. GPT-4 is more advanced in three crucial areas, according to OpenAI: inventiveness, visual comprehension, and context handling. GPT-4 is thought to be far more innovative than its predecessor, both in regard to creating and collaborating on innovative ideas. Music, films, technical writing, and even writing in the user’s style are all examples.

4. OpenAI has improved GPT-4’s ability to handle longer contexts with creative and visual input. The new language model can now evaluate up to 25,000 words of text from either the user or interact with it via a client web link. This enhanced capability can help with the creation of long-form material as well as the facilitation of “extended discussions.”

5. GPT-4 has also been enhanced to handle photos as the basis for interaction. OpenAI presents an example on their website whereby the chatbot has presented an image of baking supplies and is asked what may be made with it. It is uncertain if GPT-4 can handle video similarly.


Finally, OpenAI claims that GPT-4 is significantly safer to use than its predecessor. According to the company, it has undergone extensive testing and can provide 40% more reliable data than the previous edition. It is also 82% lower likely to generate incorrect or undesirable data.

It is important to note that GPT-4 was taught using human interaction to achieve these breakthroughs, according to the company. The company claims to have collaborated with over 50 experts, including professionals working in the fields of AI safety and security, to gather early input.

According to OpenAI, the new version is far less likely to go awry than the old version, which had widely reported interactions with ChatGPT or Bing’s chatbot in which users were fed misinformation, insults, or other sure “paranoid delusions.”

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What Is Bard? Response from Google to ChatGPT AI

google bard ai

ChatGPT isn’t yet ready to pose a threat to the dominant search engine Google. After years of development with AI tools, Google has finally revealed Bard AI as the crucial next step in its AI development.

People frequently picture coming to us for quick factual responses like “how many keys does a piano have” when they think about Google. To gain a better understanding and insights, people are turning to Google more frequently.

They inquire as to whether learning the piano or the guitar is simpler and how much practice each instrument requires. It can be challenging to become an expert on a subject like this, and people frequently want to consider other points of view. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, wrote in a blog post that AI can be useful in these situations by synthesizing insights for problems for which there isn’t a single correct response.

In the words of Google, Bard aims to “combine the power, intelligence, and creativity of our huge language models with the breadth of the world’s knowledge.” It uses data from the internet to deliver original, excellent answers. Bard can be a creative outlet and a starting point for research, allowing you to educate a 9-year-old about recent scientific discoveries made possible by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope or learn about the top football strikers of the present time before receiving training to improve your skills.

The Journey of Bard AI

Google introduced advanced language and conversational features in its Language Model for Dialogue Applications two years ago (or LaMDA for short). Google has been developing Bard, a conversational AI service that is currently in the testing stage and is powered by LaMDA.

In light of ChatGPT’s success, Google has now taken a further step and is letting trusted testers use it before making it readily accessible to the general public in the upcoming weeks.

Working on these technologies at this time is incredibly exciting as we turn thorough research and technological advances into solutions that genuinely benefit people. We’re initially making it available using LaMDA’s lightweight variant. We can extend to more people and get more input because this much simpler model uses a lot less computer power.

To ensure that Bard’s responses reach a high standard for quality, safety, and relatability in real-world knowledge, we’ll mix external feedback with our internal testing. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, wrote in a blog post, “We’re excited about this phase of testing to enable us to continue to learn and improve Bard’s quality and speed.

Google will begin enrolling individual developers, producers, and businesses the next month so they can test the Generative Language API, which is first powered by LaMDA and will eventually use several models. Google plans to develop a set of tools and APIs over time to make it simple for others to develop more cutting-edge AI applications. Startups must also have access to the required processing capacity to create trustworthy AI systems. Through its recently announced Google Cloud agreements with Cohere,, and Anthropic, Google will aid in scaling these initiatives.

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ISRO Successfully Launches Nine Satellites into Multiple Orbits

isro lunched 9 satellites

On Saturday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) successfully launched nine satellites into different orbits on board its dependable Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), including the earth observation satellite EOS-06 and eight nanosatellites.

Among the eight satellites are the India-Bhutan satellite INS-2B, the micro earth observation satellite Anand by Bengaluru-based startup Pixxel, four Astrocast satellites for US company Spaceflight, and two Thybolt satellites for another Indian startup, Dhruva Space.

In his tweets, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Isro and stated that EOS-06 will aid in maximizing the country’s use of its nautical resources. “A new era, where Indian talent in space technology may be completely realized, celebrates the launch of 3 satellites from Indian businesses @PixxelSpace and @DhruvaSpace,” he tweeted.

“India Bhutan satellite is a testament to our strong relationship with the people of Bhutan,” Prime Minister Modi tweeted in response to a post by the Prime Minister of Bhutan about a congratulatory message from the King of Bhutan.

On Saturday afternoon, the PSLV-C54 rocket launched the 1,117kg EOS-06 spacecraft into a 736km sun-synchronous polar orbit (SSPO) 17 minutes after launching from the center’s first launch pad.

A third-generation Oceans series satellite with improved payload specifications, EOS-06 is designed to offer continuity services for the Oceansat-2 spacecraft. (Als read: Virat Kohli Friendship With MS Dhoni, KL Rahul And Shikhar Dhawan)

Isro Chairman S Somanath described the flight as “special” and noted that it was the first time the rocket’s upper stage has been maneuvered to change orbits using thrusters or additional smaller engines.

According to him, “all eight satellites were injected at various times to ensure that they do not collide while in orbit.” The remaining fuel was discharged in a controlled manner to avoid explosion after the satellites were launched into their orbits.

The Significance of the Launch

The launch of the Indian rocket containing nine satellites is said to provide opportunities for Indian startups. For the first time, Indian startups will be launching their satellite on an Indian rocket as paid passengers.

Additionally as a mark, of India’s space diplomacy and close ties with Bhutan, this satellite will help Bhutan with energy, technology, and communications. (Als read: Brittney Griner Is Flying Home, After A Prisoner Exchange With Russia )

Also, there are other payloads belonging to an American company and four of those satellites will also be orbited these are three Indian satellites made by Indian startup companies and for the first time, Indian companies will be launching their made-in-India Nano satellites on an Indian rocket which used to be in times past on foreign rockets.

This is a significant launch because India is showing space diplomacy as a goodwill gesture since Bhutan India has built was is called Bhutan satellites which are going to be placed in orbit, this is a payload meant to do imaging and communication-related activities which will enhance Bhutan’s scientific capabilities.

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Launch of 5g in India: According to PM Modi, “India Will Lead the Industry 4.0 Revolution”

Launch of 5g in odi saysIndia

In India, 5G telephone services were introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the India Mobile Congress 2022 in Delhi’s Pragati Maidan.

The nation will so usher in an age of ultra-high-speed internet. It began on Saturday in a few places and will gradually expand to the rest of the nation over the following several years.

5G technology will make it feasible to have incredibly trustworthy communications, continuous coverage, high data rates, and low latency.

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Energy, spectrum, and network efficiency will all rise as a result.

India is expected to benefit economically from 5G to the tune of $450 billion by 2035.

The fifth generation or 5G service is anticipated to benefit society and create new economic opportunities. Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Idea, three telecom giants, submitted bids in the 5G spectrum auction with the Adani Group.

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On Flipkart, the iphone 13 Base Model Is Already Out of Stock


The 128GB model of the iPhone 13 costs Rs 69,990 in actual money. However, it is currently on sale at Flipkart for Rs 57,990.

However, if the product runs out of supply, users would be forced to purchase the iPhone 13 with 256GB storage, which costs Rs 66,990.

Storage capacity for iPhones in base mode witnessed a significant increase with Apple’s 2021 flagship series. In contrast to the iPhone 12, which had a base model with 64GB of internal capacity, the iPhone 13’s base model has 128GB.

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The clients appreciated this adjustment. The base variant of the iPhone 13 is currently available for Rs 57,990 during the Flipkart Big Billion Days sale.

The 128GB version, however, is already out of stock. On September 22, the sale began earlier for Flipkart Plus subscribers.

The iPhone 13 base model was already out of stock on September 23, when the sale opened to all Flipkart customers.

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Harsha Engineers’ Initial Public Offering (Ipo) Share Allotment Has Been Announced

Harsha Engineers' initial public offering-ipo

Those who applied for the ₹755 crores public offering are urged to verify the Harsha Engineers IPO allotment status online. They can check their allotment status online by checking in to the BSE website or the official registrar of the IPO’s website.

Link Intime Private Limited is the official registrar of the public issue, and its official website is

Meanwhile, the grey market has turned positive on Harsha Engineers.

According to market experts, Harsha Engineers IPO GMP (grey market premium) is 240 today, 45 higher than its low of 195 yesterday.

And according to market experts, the increase in Harsha Engineers IPO grey market premium is mostly attributable to a trend reversal in secondary market emotions.

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How to Check the Status of Harsha Engineers IPO Allotment Online

As previously stated, bidders can check the Harsha Engineers IPO allotment status online by logging in at the BSE website or by visiting the Link Intime website.

Applicants can, however, login to the direct BSE website — check.aspx, or at the direct Connection Intime web link = for convenience.

Harsha Engineers’ IPO allotment status can be found on Link Intime

1] Go to the Link Intime web link —;

2] Pick the Harsha Engineers IPO;

3] Enter your PAN information; and

4] Select the ‘Search’ option.

Your Harsha Engineers IPO allotment status will be displayed on your computer monitor or smartphone screen shortly.

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iPhone 14 Release Date, Price, Specs, and Latest News


The new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus were unveiled by Apple. For those who prefer a bigger canvas, the iPhone 14 Plus boasts a massive 6.7-inch display, while the iPhone 14 has a smaller 6.1-inch screen.

Here is a summary of every new feature on the iPhone 14, including significant camera enhancements, enhanced eSIM compatibility, and new Emergency SOS through satellite capability.

Here is a brief description of the new iPhone 14 and its features, along with our first hands-on footage of the device. When you’re done reading, be sure to read our hands-on reviews of the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 design



iPhone 14 design

With the design of the iPhone 14, Apple didn’t invent anything new. In actuality, it resembles the iPhone 13 in almost every way. It’s not a negative thing that the rear camera module is still laid out diagonally because it looks nice. It has the same narrow notch that was first introduced in 2017.

There is one upgrade under the hood. The thermal performance of the iPhone 14 has allegedly been upgraded by Apple, allowing for extended use (such as with gaming). The physical SIM tray has also been eliminated by Apple, making the iPhone 14 an eSIM-only device.

The iPhone 14 also has Emergency SOS with Satellite as a new feature. This is the rumoured satellite connectivity that would essentially allow you to call for aid in an emergency even if you don’t have regular mobile service. For those living in remote or wilderness settings, this is perfect. You receive two years of Emergency SOS with Satellite for free with the iPhone 14.

The Series 8 Apple Watch introduced Crash Detection, which is also present on the iPhone 14. This can recognize when a car accident has occurred, and if you are unable to respond, it will automatically alert emergency personnel.

iPhone 14 displays

iPhone 14 displays

Like in previous years, the iPhone 14 has two screen sizes, but the latest one is the bigger 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus. Despite the iPhone 14’s larger 6.1-inch display, both devices use Apple’s Super Retina XDR OLED screens, with a peak HDR brightness of 1200 nits.

Both have Ceramic Shield on the front glass, for increased durability.

iPhone 14 cameras  

iPhone 14 cameras

The iPhone 14’s camera was significantly improved. The iPhone 14 has a 49% boost in low-light performance because of its larger primary sensor, bigger pixels (1.9 microns), quicker f/1.5 aperture, and sensor-shift image stabilization. Even night mode gets a boost since it now has a faster exposure time.

Apple didn’t provide many details on the ultrawide’s specifications, which led us to believe it would be identical to the iPhone 13. (Also, the iPhone 14 Pro received a significant ultrawide improvement.) However, TrueDepth and autofocus updated the front camera (f/1.9) with a hybrid focusing system.

Specifications and batteries for the iPhone 14

Specifications and batteries for the iPhone 14

According to speculations, the new A16 Bionic chipset, which is a pro exclusive for this year only, was not included with the iPhone 14. In its place, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus receive the more advanced A15 Bionic chip that we previously saw in the iPhone 13 Pro. That means the iPhone 14 now includes a 5-core GPU for improved gaming performance, in addition to the same 6-core CPU and 16-core Neural Engine.

Regarding battery life, Apple claims that the iPhone 14 will last “all day,” which is at best ambiguous. Fortunately, the iPhone 13 had reasonable battery life, so we’re not too worried.

iPhone 14 and iOS 16

iPhone 14 and iOS 16

About iOS 16, we already know everything there is to know, but the iPhone 14 will make use of all of its most recent improvements, such as the updated lock screen, modifications to Mail and Messages, and more. In the next weeks, iOS 16 will be included with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus.

You can also benefit from the upgraded Live Text and Visual Lookup as well as the new iCloud Shared Photo Libraries.

iPhone 14 outlook

iPhone 14 outlook

For the iPhone 14, it appears that many of the rumours from the previous year were accurate. In actuality, the differences between it and the iPhone 13 are minimal. The iPhone 14 Plus replacing the iPhone mini is the most significant update.

It appears that the iPhone 14 is not a significant improvement over the iPhone 13, but it is still a nice device for those who are using an iPhone 12 or earlier. The iPhone 14 appears to be a modest offering for 2022 with the A15 Bionic CPU, stronger cameras, and increased battery life of the iPhone 13 Pro.

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Good News : India’s 1st indigenous vaccine for cervical cancer to launch today

jitendra singh introduce the much-anticipated vaccination at iic delhi

Today September 1, India will receive its first dose of the quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination (qHPV), which prevents cervical cancer.

Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Science and Technology, will introduce the much-anticipated vaccination at IIC Delhi.

On July 12, the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) authorized the Serum Institute of India (SII) to produce a cervical cancer vaccine that had been developed locally.

In India, cervical cancer is the second most common malignancy among women between the ages of 15 and 44. The groundbreaking change in Indian demography will now aid in the reduction of cervical cancer cases.

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Launch of the Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Cost, Features, and Competitors

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 cruiser bike

In India, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 cruiser bike has a starting price of Rs. 149,900. 3 variations and 8 colours are available, with the top variant starting at Rs. 1,68,900. The 349cc BS6 engine that powers the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 produces 20.2 horsepower and 27 Nm of torque.

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 has an anti-locking braking system together with the front disc and rear drum brakes. The fuel tank on this Hunter 350 bike can hold 13 gallons of gasoline and weighs 177 kg.

The 350cc sector will soon join the Royal Enfield Hunter in the lineup of the Chennai-based two-wheeler maker. The J-Platform from Royal Enfield will be shared by the new Hunter 350, the Meteor 350, and the Classic 350. It will then have the same engine, frame, and cycle components.

The 349cc, air/oil-cooled engine is mated to a five-speed transmission and is calibrated to generate a maximum torque of 20.2bhp and 27Nm.

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The design

A neo-retro roadster design resembling the Triumph Street Twin will be among the design. As a result, the new Hunter 350 will have a single-piece seat, a fuel tank in the form of a teardrop, a round headlamp, a taillamp, turn signals, and mirrors. The motorcycle should have a modest seat height and a curb weight of between 190 and 195 kg.

The hardware will also continue to be comparable to that of the Classic 350 and Meteor 350. As a result, the Hunter 350 will include twin rear shocks, telescopic front forks, and disc brakes on both ends. A single-channel ABS should be a part of the safety net.

The redesigned Bullet 350, which will be introduced later this year, will be more expensive than the Hunter, which will be Royal Enfield’s most cheap model.

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Therefore, we anticipate the cost of Hunter to be between Rs. 1.30 and Rs. 1.40 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The Suzuki Gixxer, Yamaha FZ25, and Pulsar 250 will all be competitors of the Hunter 350 in this market.

Although Royal Enfield has not yet specified a release date, we can anticipate that it will happen in the second part of July 2022. A few days before the launch, reservations should start, and delivery may begin any time from August 2022.

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Nothing Phone 1 Price in India

nothing black and white phone

The much-anticipated Nothing Phone 1 is now in India and other countries. The Nothing Phone 1 price in India is Rs 32,999 with a maximum of Rs 38,999. The Nothing Phone 1 launch in India will take place on July 23rd 2022.

Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus, created this device. The Nothing Phone 1 falls under the affordable “premium” smartphone category and will cause a stir due to its unique-looking design and competitiveness.

 Nothing Phone 1 Details  

Nothing Phone 1 feature, is a visually appealing Glyph user interface. The smartphone offers many attractive features, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ chipset, a 50MP Sony IMX766 rear camera, and a 6.55-inch FHD+ OLED display with a 60Hz refresh rate.

The smartphone supports wireless charging and has other notable features that make it an attractive competitor to its competitors. Below are all the specifications and features of the smartphone. This will help you make an informed decision.

 Nothing Phone 1 Camera and Display  

nothing phone white

Nothing Phone 1’s 6.5-inch OLED screen has a punch hole notch. The display has a touch sampling rate of 240Hz, haptic motors, and a 120Hz refresh rate to improve usability. It has a FHD+ resolution (1080x2400px) with 402ppi.

The maximum brightness is up to 1200nits. The HDR10+, sRGB, and other features make viewing pleasant. The Nothing smartphone has two cameras: a 50MP Samsung JN1 wide camera with a field view of 114deg, and a 50MP Sony IMX766 main camera with an aperture of f/1.88.

The aperture on the front camera is f/2.45 and it’s a 16MP Sony IMX471 sensor. To get close shots in better lighting, the manufacturer recommends that you use Glyph at maximum brightness. Other camera features include Slo-mo and time-lapse, Bokeh mode (live photo), HDR, and Night mode.

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Performance and Battery for Nothing Phone 1  

Nothing Phone 1 features Adreno 642L GPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon778G+ custom processor, and 8GB LPDDR5 RAM to improve the device’s daily tasks and gaming performance.

This device comes with the native Nothing OS skin. It is built on the Android-12 operating system. It also offers face recognition and an in-display fingerprint reader for authentication. The smartphone’s 4,500mAh battery is hidden under its case.

According to Nothing, the smartphone is equipped with a Qi wireless charger 15W that charges the battery in just 120 minutes. The charger is fast at 33W and can charge the phone in as little as 70 minutes. It also has reverse charging capabilities of 5W.

 Nothing Phone 1 Connectivity & Storage  

The storage capacity of the Nothing Phone 1 smartphone is 128GB. It also has UFS3.1 storage. This reduces the time required for games and programs to open and speeds up data transfer. The internal storage can meet most users’ storage requirements.

It’s not possible to store additional files on the phone’s internal storage. As connectivity options, the smartphone offers 4G, 5G (in select markets), volt, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.2 with LDAC, aptX, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Type-C, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX, & LDAC.

The phone does not include a 3.5mm headset jack. Online position tracking is possible with constellations such as GPS plus A-GPS and GLONASS.

 Nothing Phone 1 price in India  

nothing phone white

There are three versions available in India for the Nothing Phone 1. The Entry-Level Model of the Nothing Phone 1 has 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage and is priced at Rs 32,999. Two more variants, with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, are available at Rs 35,999 and Rs 38,999.

These models also come with 12GB RAM or 256GB storage. Customers who have pre-ordered the Nothing Phone will now be able to access a special offer by Nothing 1.

These buyers could purchase their phone at an initial price Rs 31,999 for 8GB RAM + 128GB storage, Rs 34,999 if they ordered the 8GBRAM + 256GB storage model and Rs 37,999 if they wanted the 12GB RAM or 256GB storage variant. The sale officially opened on July 23rd July 2022.

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