Google Has Awarded This Actress a Significant Distinction After Her Home Was Set Ablaze for Performing a Single Kiss Scene

PK Rosie's 120th birthday
Credit: Google Doogle

Google has developed a Google Doodle in honor of Rosie on February 10, the anniversary of her birth. Rosie holds the distinction of being the first Dalit actress and the first actress in Malayalam cinema.

Celebrating the 120th birth anniversary of the actress Rosie today, who made a name for herself in Malayalam film. In the Malayalam cinema business, Rosie was the first female actor or actress. Rosie also holds the distinction of being the first Dalit actress.

As a result, on this day, February 10, Google prepared a Google Doodle to honor Rosie. This Google Doodle features a picture of Rosie wearing a flower crown and holding a movie reel. We will share some unique details of PK Rosie’s life with you on this occasion.

Google remembers

A doodle on PK Rosie’s 120th birthday, the first female lead actor in Malayalam cinema. In Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, on February 10, 1903, PK Rosie was born. The actress’s real name was Rajamma. She chose to develop herself to become an actress since she has always enjoyed performing.

When she took the lead in the Malayalam movie Vigathakumaran in 1928, PK Rosie broke down all obstacles in the pursuit of her dream (The Lost Child). After starring as the main character in this movie, she gained fame in the industry.

Forced to leave their state and home

By portraying the lead in this movie, PK Rosie not only inspired many people but also caused harm to some. In a particular scene in one of her movies, Hero even kisses a flower in Rosie’s hair. People became highly incensed upon seeing this scene.

Even worse, these people set fire to Rosie’s home and made the actress leave the state. Some sources claim that PK Rosie escaped to Tamil Nadu on a lorry after leaving her house and state. In Tamil Nadu, Rosie wed the lorry driver. Her impact on Malayalam cinema and society has been acknowledged even years after she said goodbye to her performing career.

Thank you, PK Rosie, for your courage and the legacy you have left behind, the search engine Google wrote in her honor. Let me tell you that throughout her entire life, PK Rosie received no recognition for the contributions she made, but her tale is highly motivating for both men and women.

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