How to Connect Your Hogwarts Legacy Accounts with the WB Games and Harry Potter Fan Club

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It is proved that linking your WB Games and Harry Potter Fan Club accounts will enhance your Hogwarts Legacy experience.

This entails taking a few tests to determine your Hogwarts house affiliation and ideal wand. Although you may accomplish this in-game, by logging into your accounts beforehand, you can start the process immediately.

Once your accounts are connected, you’ll be assigned to your house, bring your wand into play, and earn extra rewards.

How to Link Them

1. If you don’t already have one, register for the Harry Potter Fan Club and WB Games.

2. Visit the Hogwarts Legacy account linking page and sign up for an account using your Harry Potter Fan Club details.

3. To be placed in your house, click the “Get Sorted Now” button on the Legacy Connect website. Click the “Let’s Go!” Following the completion of the quiz, click the link at the bottom of the page to return to the Legacy Connect page.

4. To get a wand, click the “Discover Your Wand” button on the Legacy Connect website. Click the “Let’s Go!” After completing the Wand Ceremony Quiz, click the button below the page to return to the Legacy Connect page.

5. On the Legacy Connect screen, click the “Go to WB Games” option to access your WB Games account or create a new one.

6. Go to the Connections tab and connect your Harry Potter Fan Club account with the platform you’ll be using to play.

Select the Settings menu in the main menu and select the final item, User Interface Options, to confirm that your accounts are linked. When you click the “WB Games Account” button, a pop-up stating that your accounts have been successfully linked will display. You will need to start the linking process over if a pop-up with a code displays on your screen.

Rewards List for Account Link

You will gain access to the following in-game benefits for tying your accounts together in addition to being able to choose your wand and house ahead of time:

  • House Fan-atic School Robe
  • The Beaked Skull Mask

A new menu will then appear, displaying all of your available cosmetic options.

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