ISRO Successfully Launches Nine Satellites into Multiple Orbits

isro lunched 9 satellites
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On Saturday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) successfully launched nine satellites into different orbits on board its dependable Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), including the earth observation satellite EOS-06 and eight nanosatellites.

Among the eight satellites are the India-Bhutan satellite INS-2B, the micro earth observation satellite Anand by Bengaluru-based startup Pixxel, four Astrocast satellites for US company Spaceflight, and two Thybolt satellites for another Indian startup, Dhruva Space.

In his tweets, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Isro and stated that EOS-06 will aid in maximizing the country’s use of its nautical resources. “A new era, where Indian talent in space technology may be completely realized, celebrates the launch of 3 satellites from Indian businesses @PixxelSpace and @DhruvaSpace,” he tweeted.

“India Bhutan satellite is a testament to our strong relationship with the people of Bhutan,” Prime Minister Modi tweeted in response to a post by the Prime Minister of Bhutan about a congratulatory message from the King of Bhutan.

On Saturday afternoon, the PSLV-C54 rocket launched the 1,117kg EOS-06 spacecraft into a 736km sun-synchronous polar orbit (SSPO) 17 minutes after launching from the center’s first launch pad.

A third-generation Oceans series satellite with improved payload specifications, EOS-06 is designed to offer continuity services for the Oceansat-2 spacecraft. (Als read: Virat Kohli Friendship With MS Dhoni, KL Rahul And Shikhar Dhawan)

Isro Chairman S Somanath described the flight as “special” and noted that it was the first time the rocket’s upper stage has been maneuvered to change orbits using thrusters or additional smaller engines.

According to him, “all eight satellites were injected at various times to ensure that they do not collide while in orbit.” The remaining fuel was discharged in a controlled manner to avoid explosion after the satellites were launched into their orbits.

The Significance of the Launch

The launch of the Indian rocket containing nine satellites is said to provide opportunities for Indian startups. For the first time, Indian startups will be launching their satellite on an Indian rocket as paid passengers.

Additionally as a mark, of India’s space diplomacy and close ties with Bhutan, this satellite will help Bhutan with energy, technology, and communications. (Als read: Brittney Griner Is Flying Home, After A Prisoner Exchange With Russia )

Also, there are other payloads belonging to an American company and four of those satellites will also be orbited these are three Indian satellites made by Indian startup companies and for the first time, Indian companies will be launching their made-in-India Nano satellites on an Indian rocket which used to be in times past on foreign rockets.

This is a significant launch because India is showing space diplomacy as a goodwill gesture since Bhutan India has built was is called Bhutan satellites which are going to be placed in orbit, this is a payload meant to do imaging and communication-related activities which will enhance Bhutan’s scientific capabilities.

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