Seven Ways to Help Someone with Depression

Help Someone with Depression

The helplessness we feel when a friend experiences significant depression is one of life’s most terrible experiences. Could we help them emerge from their emotional gloom if we could only find the precise words to use or the precise action to take?

Everybody can experience depression. However, it is still a disease that a lot of people don’t comprehend. More people than ever before discuss mental illness. Still, there remains a stigma associated with mental health. a stigma that keeps many people from discussing depression in public. It might be challenging to know what to do to support a buddy who is depressed. Here are some things you may do to support a buddy who is depressed.

  1. Educate Yourself

The first step in providing support for someone who is depressed is to educate yourself on the condition. It can be quite challenging to understand someone who is depressed if you have never experienced depression yourself. You can consult a variety of excellent web resources. Therefore, conduct some study so that you are more prepared to assist and encourage your friend.

  1. Treat it with Seriousness

Depression is a condition that is difficult to overcome. For instance, the problem won’t be resolved by having a fun night out. Never attempt to minimize depression when speaking with someone who has it. Depression is a serious illness. Telling someone who is depressed to cheer up or to gather themselves and go on won’t be able to help them.

  1. Learn to Listen Well

People who are depressed frequently experience extreme loneliness. They could believe that no one is available for them to discuss their difficulties. You will receive pity if you inform someone that you have a severe cold. However, it might be challenging for someone who is depressed to express their feelings. Let your friend speak; just be there for them. Encourage them to discuss their disease, but avoid attempting to provide any quick fixes. The most crucial thing you can give is your support.

  1. Motivate Them to Seek Assistance

It’s crucial for someone who is extremely depressed to get expert help. Counselors and support groups are available, and they can be helpful. To treat their illness, someone with severe depression might also need to take medication. Encourage your friend to consult a physician. Make an effort to convince your friend that depression is a sickness that can be cured. Your friend doesn’t have to go through this difficulty alone.

  1. Offer Practical Help

People who are depressed may ignore routine tasks. You can discover that they are not keeping up with household tasks or that they don’t have enough food in their home. Additionally, opening mail and making payments on bills could be challenging for someone sad. Although you cannot treat a friend’s depression, you can provide useful assistance. Ask your friend if they need anything before you go shopping. Offer to prepare them dinner if you are aware that they aren’t eating. Someone who is depressed may find immense comfort in small things like these.

  1. Keep them updated

A depressed individual is more prone to isolate themselves from their social network. They could have no desire to interact with others. Nevertheless, keep them informed. Invite them to social gatherings, but don’t press them to go. Invite your friend to activities so they know you are thinking of them. It will serve as a reminder that they still have their friends’ support when they’re prepared to get involved again.

  1. Do not attempt to be an expert.

People who are depressed frequently feel as though no one comprehends them. Don’t try to advise your friend on how to become well. Some persons with depression benefit from activities like exercise and a good diet. Even medicine works with some and may not work for others. Leave the illness’s treatment in the hands of the experts. Being present for a buddy who is depressed is the most important thing you can do for them.

Understanding a loved one’s depressive symptoms

The symptoms of depression might differ from person to person and are not universal.

If your friend is depressed, they might:

  • Seem more dejected or emotional than usual

  • Appear more dismal or dejected about the future than normal

  • More frequently than usual, express feelings of remorse, emptiness, or worthlessness.

  • Appear to be less interested in spending time with one another or communicate less frequently than usual

  • Become easily upset or become extremely irritated

  • Move slowly, feel listless all the time, or have less energy than usual

  • Have less interest than normal in maintaining their looks or fail to practice basic hygiene, such as taking showers and brushing their teeth.

  • Difficulty falling asleep or excessive sleep

  • Less interested in their typical pursuits and hobbies

  • Frequently forget things, have difficulties focusing, or making decisions

  • Either eat more or less than normal

  • Discuss death or suicide


Being depressed is a challenging condition to manage. both for the afflicted individual and their relatives and loved ones. Being present for a buddy who is depressed is the most crucial thing you can do. Encourage your friend to ask for assistance and offer your assistance if necessary. That’s what friendship is meant for after all.

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