b-updated covid-19 lifestyle changes
b-updated covid-19 lifestyle changes

Consider your current COVID-19 lifestyle (changes) to be your past and here are some facts which will be shocking for you! After spending long time in mandatory lockdown, here are my thoughts on shocking covid-19 lifestyle changes.

May God bless all – Ever considered depending on the almighty so much? Well we all have prayed in the recent days if we continue this habit the peace of mind which comes in return is invaluable.

Stay Home and get paid– Once in a dream, we all have imagined being paid by working from home. Well, this is a reality now, an intelligent being can get expertise in it and ask their employer to let them continue to work like this forever.

Gratia chef – Every man had a hobby or fantasy to cook food and impress their livelihood. Well, yes now you would master the art and have an add on your extracurricular activities. YouTube is full of cooking video channels to explore.

Pollution less, breathe more – Purity is back, at least with air if not by the soul. Consider fresh morning breathe and its health benefits, well that’s how Yoga was invented and now mankind can bring nature back to basics.

Accounting for all – Expenses have always been a tedious task for lifestyle, now with limited necessities and exposure, every working class is at a better stage to manage them. Acknowledging the need for life and disseminating the wants will be a great learning for the future.

In conclusion 5 positive takeaways which we should not let go from now on –

  1. Attain positive vibes
  2. The family must be a priority
  3. Learn and grow now and then
  4. Contribute your bit towards nature
  5. Manage between needs and wants

“Your life is limited and so are the events that take place within it”. Vaibhav Belwariar

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